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  A newly elected Sheriff is required by Maine State statute Title 30-A subsection 383 to immediately appoint someone to serve as their Chief Deputy. This is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions a new Sheriff will make. The Chief Deputy plays an crucial role in the daily leadership and oversight of the Sheriff's Office operation. In Maine the Office of Sheriff consist of three divisions, the Patrol Division, Corrections Division and Civil Service.  The Chief Deputy is required to meet all the eligibility requirements to hold the Office of Sheriff and in the case of incapacitation or death of the Sheriff they must immediately assume the responsibility of the Sheriff.

  If elected, I intend to appointment the Sheriff's Office's current Patrol Lieutenant, Matthew Curtis to the position of Chief Deputy.  Below is a little about Matt and why I feel he would make the ideal Chief Deputy. 

  A life-long resident of Waldo County, Matt was born and raised in Belfast, Maine.  After graduating from Belfast Area High School, Matt made his way to Unity College where in his first year there, ran across former Game Warden and then Waldo County Sheriff John Ford.  John suggested Matt come work for him part time while attending classes and the rest is history!  After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation Law Enforcement, Matt made to commitment to working full-time for Sheriff Robert Jones in January of 1999.

   Matt has served the citizens of Waldo County through the Sheriff’s Office in the roles of Patrol Deputy, Detective, Patrol Sergeant and currently serves as the Lieutenant, overseeing the day-to-day law enforcement operations of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office.  Additionally, Matt serves as a principal firearms instructor for the Maine Criminal Justice Academy-Basic Law Enforcement Training Program, sitting on the Academy’s Firearm’s Board of Directors.


   In the Waldo County community, Matt serves on the Boards of Directors for various community groups to include, Waldo Community Action Partners, Waldo County Triad and the Maine Community Foundation-Waldo County Fund.

   Matt continues to reside in Unity with his wife and three children.  Matt enjoys spending time outdoors engaged in a multitude of activities.


Matt Curtis
Matt and Jonsey
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