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Jan Gellar Endorses Trundy

It is deeply gratifying to be writing to recommend that my fellow Waldo County residents vote for Jason Trundy for County Sheriff. Jason has the experience, knowledge and empathy to continue to make us feel safe in our community.

Jason was born and raised in Waldo County, married his high school galpal, Larraine, and raised their three children here. He has worked in the Sheriff’s office for the past 28 years. Jason worked through the ranks and is presently the Chief Deputy to Sheriff Jeff Trafton.

Among his many professional and Community Services education and work, he is a graduate of the 86th Maine Criminal Justice Academy, Graduate of the 273rd FBI National Academy, served on the Lincolnville Select Board, and is a Board Member of the Mid-Coast Solid Waste Committee, Board Member (and past President) of Maine Youth Alliance (Game Loft) and a member of the Waldo County Recovery Committee.

Jason’s professional philosophy embraces collaboration and community partnerships as the foundation for enhancing public safety. He effects this by talking to people he encounters throughout the County both on and off duty. Listening attentively to their concerns and seeking their input as to what he might be able to do to address their concerns. Jason always bears in mind that he has two ears for listening and one mouth for speaking such that he listens twice as much as he speaks.

We all want to live in a community where we feel safe and listened to. To ensure that we would be wise to elect Jason Trundy for Waldo County Sheriff. Thank you for your kind attention.


Jan Geller, Belfast

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