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Jim Roberts Endorses Trundy for Sheriff

I am writing to share my thanks and appreciation to Jason Trundy for all the help and support he has given to a local Veterans Organization. Mr. Trundy has been volunteering without needing recognition, and in fact, was offered a chance to appear on a local news station sharing some of his efforts and he declined, stating “I am not doing this for political reasons, I am doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

Here are just a few of the things he has helped our Veteran community with, and it’s not only Veterans who have benefited.

● Assembled Flags with Patriot riders to put on telephone poles throughout the city.

● Has been to many funerals as part of our color guard, filling in as rifleman, flag holder, and flag folder. Any job that has come up he has jumped in without hesitation.

● Put 3 special needs children at ease when firing detail prepared to do 21-gun salute. Kids were anxious about firearms due to large media presentations involving school shootings. Parents shared with staff members they were grateful we had a uniformed deputy present to ease kids’ anxiety

● Took time on a Sunday morning to rescue over $3,000 worth of food that was sitting in a broken-down van in Appleton - he and his wife also stayed and help serve in the food pantry

● Was given an opportunity to appear on a TV news broadcast sharing what he had done to help the Food Pantry. He declined the self-promotion stating that isn't why he chose to help

● Working on bringing a joint color guard for service personnel including Sheriff, Police, Fire, and Veterans

● When a Navy Veteran has passed, and his remains went unclaimed, Mr. Trundy provided funeral escort to get the deceased service member from a local funeral home to his final resting place in a Veterans Cemetery.

When it comes to serving our community, I can’t think of anyone who has put more time, literally decades, or energy, into making our home a better place. Jason should be our next sheriff. There is no one who comes close to knowing Waldo County and serving its people better.

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