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John O'Malia - Support for Trundy

Jason has served the citizens of Waldo County since 1994. Through his diligence he has risen through the ranks to the position of Chief Deputy where he has served for the past 8 years. Jason was born in Waldo County and is a Belfast High School graduate. The fact that he has lived in the county for his entire life has provided him with knowledge of this County that is so important to being elected Sheriff of Waldo County! He understands corrections, patrol and criminal investigation components of the Sheriff's Office and has a deep commitment to the safety of this community and County! In addition, as I understand it, he will appoint long time Waldo County resident Matthew Curtis to the position of Chief Deputy. Matthew has served the department for over 26 years and knows the agency inside and out. Matthew has been active in Waldo County and served on many boards. Jason Trundy is a Belfast Rotarian and serves on many committees as a Rotarian. That is how I know Jason and am pleased to recommend him as the next Waldo County Sheriff, in this election, this fall. He has shown, his sincerity to the job, rotary, family and exhibits humanity to all who come in contact with Jason. In my opinion, he is the best candidate for the elected Sheriffs position here in Waldo County. This is due to his extensive experience in the Sheriff’s Office and exposure and service under the last four Sheriffs in Waldo County. Therefore, I will vote for Jason Trundy for Waldo County Sheriff this fall! He is the most qualified candidate and has the experience to lead the sheriff department into the future!

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