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Ladleah Dunn - Endorses Trundy for Sheriff

This coming fall I urge the citizens of Waldo County to vote for Jason Trundy, candidate for the office of Sheriff. He is an individual who represents local knowledge and experience, compassion and wisdom, consideration and action. Jason carries with him decades of experience serving right here in our community, making him the best candidate for the office of Sheriff.

I first met Jason 10 years ago, serving on the Lincolnville Board of Selectmen. In the time we served together, I was consistently impressed by several characteristics of his. His commitment to his lifelong home of our county was already clear through his service professionally and volunteerism. But it was his habit of intently listening to all sides of a conversation prior to offering his input that stuck with me. It was always clear, that he was bringing an open mind to any discussion be it a heated conflict or routine business.

His open-minded approach coupled with his firm understanding of the correctional, patrol and criminal investigation components of the Sheriff’s Office has led him to hold a philosophy that embraces collaboration and community partnership. This can be seen in the many initiatives Jason and his team have developed. Among these are the Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center, the Waldo County Recovery Committee, the Community Liaison Program, the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Program, Recovery Coach Program, and the Restorative Justice Project’s Conflict Resolution Team.

Too often, these days, elections are decided along party lines ignoring a candidate’s motivation or experience. This fall, take the time to get to know the candidates. Get to know Jason and you’ll know the choice is clear. Jason Trundy for Waldo County Sheriff, the candidate of our community, for our community.

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