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Michael Schaab - Trundy for Sheriff

I am writing this in support of Jason Trundy. His service to the people of Waldo County for the last 28 years in law enforcement has been excellent and I can’t think of anyone more qualified or capable to lead the Sheriff’s Department. His professional credentials are impressive and he has a complete understanding of all components of the Department operations having worked in them all. He is totally committed to a safe community and he knows just how to accomplish that.

But Jason Trundy is much more than a highly capable law enforcement officer. He supports his / our community with his time and energy. He is a member of many groups that make Waldo County a great place to live and work. He is a member of the Belfast Rotary Club, Maine Youth Alliance (Game Loft) and Waldo County Recovery Committee to name just a few. He has been instrumental in creating and expanding the successful Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Program. He is a careful listener who has aided and added insight to many of the important initiatives here such as Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Program and Community Conflict Resolution Program. He believes in and cultivates a climate of collaboration and partnerships as the best way to achieve a safe community.

Most Importantly, he is our neighbor and has been his whole life. He knows us. Here is the litmus test. Talk to anyone who has worked with or knows Jason. They will have nothing but good things to say about him. He is held in high regard and esteem by those in his profession and community– and rightly so. I am glad he wants to lead the Sheriff’s Department. He is our best choice and we would benefit greatly from his leadership.

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