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  • Jason Trundy

Motivation, Community Connection, Platform and Action.

Because the Sheriff is elected directly by the community they serve, it is unique in the law enforcement profession. In this article I’m asking each reader to consider for a moment the criteria they will use to choose our next County Sheriff. It is my hope, that as you seek to answer the question of who your next Sheriff should be, that you consider the following: Motivation, Community Connection, Platform and Action.

Motivation: Why does each candidate want to be your Sheriff? I believe this is a critical question that each of us should be asking. I believe that someone’s motivation will play a significant role in how they perform their work as Sheriff. That is why I address this very topic in my first Op-ed to the Republican Journal and have included it in much of my campaign material. In that Op-ed I speak to how being a lifelong member of this community has given me a deep sense of responsibility for the safety and well being of the county. I also shared that as a 28 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office I’m committed to the success of the organization, its employees and the citizens we serve. Finally, I shared my desire to continue the work of embracing collaboration and community partnerships as the foundation for enhancing public safety.

Community Connection: I consider myself fortunate to have been born and raised in Belfast. I also recognize how lucky I was to become a member of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office 28 years ago. Over the past 20 years I had the pleasure of serving as a select person in Lincolnville for 6 years. I’ve had the privilege of being a member of the Belfast Rotary Club and sitting on boards including the Maine Youth Alliance (Gameloft) and Aging Well in Waldo County. My roots run deep into this community and my connection and commitment to it are evident in my development and implementation of community based public safety services.

Platform: This is where we consider “What” your next Sheriff will do once they are elected. In order to weigh this you must know what each candidate supports and prioritizes. I’ve strived, through my work at the Sheriff’s Office, on my website, social media accounts, and in my campaign material and speeches to make it very clear what I support and prioritize. My work over the past 8 years as the Chief Deputy should make it clear that I support a community based approach to public safety. I’ve shared that I believe in utilizing a fair and balanced approach to the complex issues we face in our community everyday.

Action: It is easy for a candidate to talk about the need to address traffic safety, substance use, mental illness, or the many other issues surrounding public safety but what we need is action. In 2021 the Sheriff’s Office patrol division covered 9267 calls for service, conducted 1075 traffic stops, made 425 physical arrests and issued 102 criminal summonses. Our corrections division has maintained operation of the Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center while creating partnerships with neighboring counties to identify efficiencies and cost savings. Our ongoing community partnerships have led to obtaining over 3 million dollars in grant funding with 1.7 million in pending applications. These funds are being utilized to support and expand our ability to respond to the complex issues our law enforcement personnel face each day. During my time with the leadership team of the Sheriff’s Office I’m proud to say that we have not simply talked about public safety, we have worked every day to make our system more effective, cost efficient and responsive to the needs of our community. Our actions speak for themselves and this is the work I want to continue doing if I’m chosen as your next Sheriff of Waldo County.

I hope to earn your vote in November to serve as the next Sheriff of Waldo County. I believe this is an important decision that should not be made arbitrarily based on political affiliation. I hope to earn your vote based on my philosophy and leadership as a law enforcement professional and the type of friend, neighbor, community leader and fellow citizen I’ve been here in Waldo County during the past 53 years of my life.

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