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Shana Bloomstein Endorses Trundy for Sheriff

I am writing on behalf of Jason Trundy and his candidacy for the Office of Sheriff here in Waldo County. I am truly honored to write a letter of Support for Jason’s run for Sheriff. My name is Shana Bloomstein, I was born and raised here in Freedom, Maine. I am proud to be part of this community and to raise my two children here. I work at WCGH as a PTA in the Pediatric dept, have a practice as a LMT, and teach dance and yoga at the Belfast Dance Studio where I am the new manager. I am deeply committed to this community and the growth of it. I am passionate about embodied social justice and anti-racism work here at home and beyond.

I have been working alongside Jason in a community circle setting to address racism, discrimination and the national call for more humane policing. Jason, Sheriff Jeff Trafton and Ray Porter all agreed to meet with us, as concerned citizens, in September of 2020 when we expressed our desire to work with them and address the growing violence, racism and divisiveness nationally. We have been meeting monthly via Zoom and in person following a Restorative Justice model. We have been reimagining a new culture of policing and community awareness around anti-racism. Jason has not only served as a strong advocate for change, but more importantly he has demonstrated a true care for his community and a capacity to listen, learn and grow alongside us. Jason has a strong moral compass, which guides his innovative and compassionate law enforcement approach. Jason has been a pleasure to work with and truly opened my eyes to the incredible work that has been going on behind the scenes in our local public safety departments. His willingness to lean into these hard conversations and his commitment to ensuring that public safety is accomplished through community partnerships makes him the perfect candidate for Sheriff. I fully support his run for Sherriff and I believe without a doubt our community will continue to flourish under his leadership.

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