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Sheriff Trafton Endorses Trundy for Sheriff

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Jason Trundy is the right choice for Waldo County Sheriff! He has held nearly every leadership position in the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office over his 28-year career. He has excelled in each of these assignments. Jason currently serves as the Chief Deputy where he oversees both the Law Enforcement and Corrections Divisions.

Jason is a true member of our community. He has lived in Waldo County his entire life. He married his high school sweetheart and they have raised three children together. He is a member of the Rotary Club, sits on the board of the Game Loft, is a member of Aging Well in Waldo County and is a former member of the Lincolnville Select Board. He is also founding member of the Waldo County Recovery Committee where folks find help and support with substance abuse disorder issues.

Jason has been a trusted and competent advisor during my time as Sheriff. He has been instrumental in the success and improvements of the Maine Coast Regional Reentry Center. His willingness to collaborate and bring stakeholders to the table has led to and improved partnerships with Volunteers of America, Maine Pretrial, and the Restorative Justice Project. He led the effort to create our Community Liaison Program where non-law enforcement personnel work with folks in crisis to connect them with social services preventing the need for law enforcement involvement. These efforts have led to lower jail populations over the past eight years resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for tax payers in our county.

Jason has helped me lead the Sheriff’s Office through difficult times dealing with the pandemic, negative national public sentiment toward the law enforcement profession, staffing shortages and much more. His knowledge of our community, training and experience in law enforcement and corrections and his dedication to the people we serve truly make him the best choice to serve as our next Sheriff.

Sheriff Jeffrey C. Trafton



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