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Warren Heath Endorses Trundy

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Chief Deputy Trundy has a lifelong investment in our Waldo County. He has grown up here and chosen to plant roots, raise a family, and pursue a career in our County. He has chosen a career for maximum contribution and impact to fulfill his goals, which are very aligned with the needs of this community.

In my opinion, he truly cares, and takes the time to regularly connect with community members. If elected as Sheriff in Waldo County, his knowledge and experience in the Law Enforcement community and beyond, specifically in our local area, will position him to continue and even increase the professionalism and effectiveness of our Law Enforcement professionals.

As Pastor at Crossroads to Calvary, we have had Chief Trundy come with a team of instructors, to conduct a Church security seminar to a gathering of numerous Church leaders from Waldo County and around the State.

I particularly appreciate his quote “I believe why you do something is foundational to how you will perform the task”, showing his understanding that what we do is ultimately driven by our deeper motivations from within.

I have known Jason from High School, have attended various training seminars with him throughout the years, and hold him in the highest regard. I will certainly and wholeheartedly support Jason Trundy for Sheriff here in Waldo County.

Warren Heath III


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