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Over my 28-year law enforcement career I have come to understand that WHY someone is motivated to do something provides great insight into HOW they will perform that task. Here in this Op-ed I want to share with you WHY I’m seeking to be your next SHERIFF.

* My roots run deep into Waldo County, that gives me a deep sense of responsibility for this community

I was born here in Waldo County. I attended local schools and graduated from Belfast Area High School. I married my high school sweetheart and we have been married for 34 years. We raised our three children in Waldo County and much of our family lives here. This county has been my home for my entire life, I have fond memories of growing up here, and this connection is why I have such a sense of responsibility to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy.

* I have a firm understanding of the Sheriff’s Office operations and I’m fully committed to the success of the organization, its employees and the citizens we serve.

In 1994, then Sheriff John Ford, took a chance on a local kid and hired me as a part time corrections officer. At that time, I had no idea my journey with the Sheriff’s Office would span the past 28 years. Over those years I have been fortunate to serve as a Correctional Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Criminal Investigator, Correctional Administrator, Patrol Lieutenant and for the past seven years as the Chief Deputy to Sheriff Jeff Trafton. I’m fortunate to have worked under our previous four Sheriff’s including Sheriff John Ford, Robert “Jonesy” Jones, Scott Story and our current Sheriff Jeffrey Trafton. The exposure to the leadership of four Sheriffs and my diverse work experience provides me with a firm understanding of the correctional, patrol and criminal investigation components of the Sheriff’s Office and a deep commitment to the safety of this community.

* My career has led me to a philosophy that embraces accountability and community partnerships as the foundation for enhancing public safety.

It is my belief that the goal of any law enforcement agency should be to enhance the public safety of the community they serve. While recognizing that the primary tool of law enforcement is arrest and incarceration, I have also learned that these primary tools do not adequately address every issue encountered by our law enforcement personnel. This is why I have worked to establish partnerships between the Sheriff’s Office and our local non-profit organizations, our faith-based community, substance use and mental health treatment providers and many others. This collaborative approach provides our law enforcement personnel with access to available community resources to help them address the diverse range of issues they are dealing with every day. We are fortunate to live in a community where so many individuals and organizations are committed to working together to make Waldo County a safer and healthier place for all of us to live.

Please feel free to check out the other pages here on my website to learn more about my campaign and platform. You can also find me on Facebook @TrundyforSheriff. I can be reached by email at

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